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Transfer wise


we're going to look at how to send money overseas using transfer wise we'll look at what you need to know about transfer wise as a company what you need to make an international money transfer with them and take you through the steps of setting up an account with transfer wise and then sending your money.

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 if you can continue we'll share our number one tip for using transfer wires to send money overseas. Transfer wise recently launched in Australia after having success throughout Europe they're an extremely secure way to transfer your money overseas as they have an Australian Financial Services license and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission here are four things you need to know. about transfer wires they offer you the interbank rates that's the rate that you'd find on Google or XE when you make a transfer with them they then charge a percentage based fee their website is really user-friendly and it's very easy to get an obligation-free quote directly from. the home page their phone support isn't as readily available as they're based in the UK if you're making transfers elsewhere in the world the support often isn’t local finally transfers can't be made instantaneously so make sure you’ve allow yourself a little bit of time for your transfer to go through now that we know a bit more about transfer wise let's have a look at exactly what you need to make an international money transfer with them you need ID have a couple of forms with you just in case you won't need this for all transfers with transfer wise thing. make sure you have your payment details ready transfer wise does accept credit card or Bank transfer so either way make sure you have the details ready to go the funds need to be in your account ready as well transfer wise can't make your transfer until you have paid them and the funds need to be cleared for this to happen. finally as we said the transfer cannot be completed instantaneously so make sure you're organizing the transfer a few days before it needs to be in your recipients account when it comes to setting up your account with transfer wise the setup and the transfer all happen in one process. we're going to tell you how to do that as well as told you how to upload identification and proof of address if need be to start head to the transfer wise website one of the great things about the transfer wise website is that you can get a quote straight away of what the transfer is going to cost this includes an estimate of the fee transfer wise will charge if you’re happy with the quote you can select get started or head to the top right corner and select sign up now.

you’ll begin setting up your account provide your email address and create a password try and make this password complicated and unique to any other passwords that you use before you have to provide any more personal details transfer wise will ask you about the details of your transfer that is the currencies you're transferring between and the amount you're sending now you’ll provide some details about the nature of the account this means letting transfer wise know if it's for personal or business purposes.

how transfer wise works
This is where you will provide your personal details this includes your name and date of birth and residential address depending on the type of transfers you'll be doing you may need to upload identification and proof of address later so make sure you fill in these details as accurately as possible.

 Now you'll be asked about the recipient of your transfer this could be another person your international account or a business or charity when you have made your selection you will to fill in the details of the recipient that is their Bank account details and in this case a routing number as the transfer is for the u.s. once that is complete transfer wise will summarize the order for you this will confirm the amount you're sending and how much your recipient will receive they will also lock in the rate you see on this page for 48 hours.

 Once you've confirmed all of those details you'll choose how you’ll pay for the transfer you can do an internet payment bank transfer and for transfers under 3500 Australian dollars you can pay by a credit card you’ll make your payment confirm the order one more time and transfer wise will make the transfer. 

Now this is what the account page looks like each time you log into transfer wise here you'll be able to see your current and past transfers there are some instances where you’ll need to upload identification and proof of address so let's have a look at how to do that this is the verification page for some transfers you won't need to verify your account but if you ‘re transferring more than 15,000 Euros you will this means uploading some photo identification and recent proof of address and that is how you make an international money transfer with transfer wise if you have any more questions about the process just leave them in the comments below.

So what's our number one tip for making transfers with transfer wise well it's all about their fee so you transfer wise already give you the inter bank rate but literally can’t be beaten but unlike other providers they charge a percentage based fee which is fine if you're transferring up to say about $2,000 but if you ‘remaking a large transfer this can really add up our tip is that if you’re transferring more than $2,000 make sure you compare the rates and fees they could still be the cheapest option but it's hard to say if you're comparing exchange rates by themselves or fees by themselves also keep in mind the transfer wise dropped the percentage they charge for certain transfers for example in Australia if you're transferring more than $10,000 the fee drops from 0.7% to 0.5%.

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