What is Basic Financial Analytics for Business


Basic Financial Analytics for Business


What do you comprehend by the expression "financial analysis"? It is a complete system that involves various tools to effectively improve the profitability or productivity of a company. Financial Analytics collects and evaluates the financial data of the company to understand the different facets of its business perspective. With the assistance of charts and tables, the gathered information is shown. It gives you a visual picture of complex information and helps you to recognize the scene very easily and fluently. By analyzing the data with the help of Financial Analytics, you can also predict behavior patterns, future trends, make conscious decisions, and nurture your business growth.



Here are 6 essential monetary dissects to assist you with anticipating future patterns.

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1: Predictive Sales Analysis or PSA

What do you believe is the most essential part of an organization? Without a doubt, sales revenue is at no. 1 spot and this is the thing that chooses the eventual fate of your organization. When you take the PSA approach, you can easily predict the sales figure for a given month. You can get an idea if the sales figure will go down over a certain period.

Consequently, you can review the strategies to drive sales or implement new ones to calculate how effective your prediction is. When you get a clear picture of your lead generation, your tensions and panic attacks are much less. You can embrace an assortment of abilities and vital ways to deal with become more acquainted with your clients, plan successfully, and accomplish a smooth work process.


It's implied that business income is the foundation of any association. Therefore, implementing strategies to know how much growth your business can expect in the current year and in the following years can have a strategic impact on the results of your business. Here, predictive sales analytics applications come in handy. It allows you to evaluate how effective your forecast is and also increase your sales channel in the coming years. Organizations using PSAs tend to adopt a variety of competencies and tactical approaches to learn about their customers.


There are two surefire ways to estimate sales: compare past trends with current trends, and make use of predictive techniques such as correlation analysis. PSA is considered a powerful tool for planning and achieving a smooth workflow by enabling clients to manage their respective operations effectively.


In short, let's say you have performed a predictive analysis and calculated that in a certain month of a year your sales may drop. In this case, you can implement new and effective strategies to drive sales for that particular period. Having a clear idea of your lead generation will prevent you from falling into panic situations. According to studies, conducted by leading research institutions, forecasting how productive your business will be in the months or years to come keeps your business on top of all the yes and buts, giving you a platform to prosper.

2: Product profitability analysis or PPA

In this competitive market, you need to know exactly when to make your investments. It can take a long time to estimate the profit, clearly analyzing the product and its cost.

In such situation, PPA or Product Profitability Analytics is the best solution to evaluate the product and determine its profit line. It can help you make an informed decision by getting an instant understanding of all the products and services you offer. To deliberately advance your items, you should know the preferences and inclinations of your clients. Once you know the customer demand using the PPA analytical tool, the product promotion strategy becomes easy.

To provide strong competition and get the most out of your investments, it is important to consider where exactly to invest. To calculate profit, you will need to analyze your product and its costs separately and this could certainly be a difficult and time-consuming task.


Here, PPA is a top-tier solution that helps determine the profit line on the basis of each product. It allows you to get quick information on all your offers so you can make an informed decision for your business. For example, if you learn which products your customers are demanding the most, you can promote those products strategically.


financial analytics for business

3: Customer Profitability Analysis or CPA

Who is your potential customer? Whether you're an e-commerce giant, a cloud hosting service provider, or just about any company on search engines, recognizing your prospects can always benefit your marketing efforts. There are two types of clients:


  • One that adds value to your company

  • One who brings risk to your company

Your revenue generation can increase if you can differentiate between your profitable and unprofitable customers. Your marketing efforts can get a boost if you can start to recognize your customers by extracting their detailed information. CPA or customer profitability analysis can help you analyze your customer behavior.


Be it a cloud hosting provider, a giant e-commerce platform, or any company that works on the World Wide Web, it is always wise to have clear data on who your potential customers are. A fair comparison between profitable and unprofitable customers helps double your revenue generation. Remember, there are two types of customers: one that adds value to your organization, and one that carries risks for your organization. Extracting this detailed customer information will be the best complement to your future marketing efforts.


The best thing is that you can do it with the help of CPA since it allows you to analyze without problems the behavior of customers of both types.


4: Shareholder value analysis or SVA

Adjust the value of your business based on the returns your shareholders receive from your business with the help of Shareholder Value Analytics or SVA. This tool also helps determine risk and shareholder value percentage. When using SVA with income and earnings analysis, its execution is better and easier to understand.

The success of your strategies will be determined by the interpretation of the final results evaluated by the media, experts, stakeholders and shareholders. SVA helps to award business value based on the returns that a company provides to its shareholders. It also determines the percentage of risk and value delivered to shareholders. That is why most experts recommended supplementing SVA with earnings and income analysis for better understanding and execution.


5: Cash Flow Analysis or CFA

You need fuel to drive your car, right? In a similar context, your business needs capital to operate. Predicting the inflow and outflow of capital is important to ensure the health of your business. In this document, CFA and regression analysis tools can help you determine how much capital you may need for future investments. This is not where the benefits of CFA end. Managing cash flow and fostering corporate functions fall under his responsibilities, too, and he's always shrewd when it comes to making correct predictions by analyzing past data.


financial analytics


While running a business, you need to understand how much capital your business requires to run smoothly. Cash Flow Analytics helps you predict capital inflows and outflows, future capital investment requirements, and also the amount you may need to support corporate operations.


6: Value Driver Analytics or VDA

A positive approach is a basic requirement for running a business successfully. Apart from that, planning and implementing your well planned strategies are also important to achieve your desired results. Your business goals can be adequately nurtured if you can understand the financial shocks that can affect your business. Corresponding to this, the VDA tool can help examine the key drivers of your business to accomplish the normal outcomes.

With a better understanding of financial analytics, key performance indicators in operation, customer profitability, and sales, you can help your business increase shareholder values and income. It will also help you understand your downsides to overcome them and achieve a great end-user experience. To achieve your organization's goals, embrace financial analysis tools.

Planning alone does not deliver the desired results. For that, you need to implement your well-researched strategies. In addition, you must have a positive and pragmatic business approach. A good understanding of the economic changes that can disrupt your financial motives will help you forecast correctly and quickly. Your goals will determine your value and help you achieve your strategic business objectives. Related to this, VDA will help you analyze these strategic business drivers so that the expected results can be achieved. Not forgetting that these drivers are mainly based on assumptions, so they must be tested.


It is important that CFOs embrace financial analytics in order to achieve their organizational goals. Financial analysis provides in-depth and proactive data sets that provide a better insight into earnings, costs, and market trends, ensuring a rewarding experience for your business.

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